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Week 2 with Weight Watchers

Today was the beginning of Week 2 for me, and it was the first meeting I’ve been to in ages. I’m happy to say that I’m down 5 pounds for the week, and I’m looking forward to losing more in the coming week. The meeting itself wasn’t earth-shattering, but the people were nice. weight watchersThey were discussing food finds that I learned about during my first jaunt with Weight Watchers in 2010. Seriously, they were talking about the same brands and products. They also discussed  fat-free dressings made by Bolthouse Farms that I wouldn’t dream of eating because it’s simply not food, but I didn’t mind these discussions. It was all so familiar, but I liked that. Unfortunately, the awesome lady who led the meeting was just filling in for the leader who was out of town. I am familiar with the other leader, and she’s been with Weight Watchers for 31 years. She knows her stuff, and she has a reputation for being tough. Maybe that’s what I’ll need. I’m just hoping I like this meeting even though there was no one my age there.


leafy greens with strawberries

This spring mix with strawberries, walnuts and more is one of my old favorites.

I joined just in time to participate in a 12-week Try-A-Thon, which is comprised of weekly goals to try something new. In my old New York meetings I had a reputation for loving Bravo stickers, and it’s still true. I was reminded of that today when I started thinking about trying new workouts and foods.

Last week I tried water aerobics, which was fun. It’s not a very intense workout, but it’s really enjoyable. I’ve also made an effort to create more interesting salads. I’ve made a few without lettuce, which is fun. I’m also trying to recreate some of my old favorites.

I still love everything I make from SkinnyTaste, and right now following recipes are in my regular rotation.

Spiraled Summer Roll Bowls with Hoisin Peanut Sauce

Spicy California Shrimp Stacks

My goal for the coming week is to eat more leafy greens and vegetables, in general. I also want to exercise at least 3 times, though 4 would be even better. I’m also committed to tracking everything I eat.


I felt pressure lift when I stepped on the scale today. It sucks to face the fact that I’ve gained so much back, but I am also relieved that I’m dealing with it now before gaining every single pound back.

I feel hopeful and encouraged, which seems like a good place to be.

A Question For Weight Watchers Members

I’ve missed my last two meetings.  I have good reasons that would probably sound like excuses (one regarding an underground fire and one regarding my last trip,) but this post isn’t about that.  It’s about the fact that I miss my meetings when I don’t attend them.

I’ve stepped away from Weight Watchers twice, but I came back because the meetings keep me accountable.  Attending weekly meetings helps me take steps in the right direction (at least most weeks.)  Some of you don’t need that; I’ve learned that I absolutely need that.

After missing two meetings in a row I started to consider something that I had not previously considered – attending a meeting/weigh-in that is not my regular meeting.  I tried it a couple of times during my first year with Weight Watchers.

I was on vacation for the week, but there are meetings everywhere – even on the Jersey Shore, so I took a few hours out of my week long beach coma to attending a meeting.  It was horrible!  I left before the meeting was over feeling completely disgusted by the leaders practices, and I decided that I’d wait for my meeting next time.

I tried another meeting when snow prevented us from having our regular meeting, and I didn’t like that one either.  I preferred my meeting, and at that point, I decided that I would stick to what worked.  I didn’t visit other meetings until I left New York, and it was a struggle to find one that fit my needs.

After a lot of wasted time and a modicum of effort, I have found a meeting that works for me.  I like the leader, and I like the people.  I like the fact that it’s so conveniently located, and I like that it’s an afternoon meeting on my favorite weigh-in day – Thursday.

If you’ve followed along on my journey, then you already know this – I am extraordinarily picky about the Weight Watchers meetings I choose to attend.  Every leader I met has been well-intentioned and friendly, but I need more than that.  And I’ve found it.

My life, though more settled than it has been in years, is still crazy at times.  I travel more than the average person, and there will be times that I simply don’t make it to my meeting.  In my mind it is not a license to eat without consequence, but I do find that I am more relaxed in my choices when I’m not facing the scale in the next few days.

It has finally occurred to me that it’s a waste of time to make poor choices, and I’m trying not to.  Does that mean I should try incorporating other meetings when I can’t make mine?  I really don’t like the idea, but it’s something that many successful WW-er’s do.  Am I missing something?

So my question for Weight Watchers member is simple.  Do you go to meetings when you can’t attend your regularly scheduled one?  If so, do you think it helps you stay on track with your goals?  I really want to hear your thoughts, especially if you’re a WW-er!