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What’s Your Favorite Brand for Sneakers?

I’m doing my first official 5k race in a few weeks. I’ve walked many 5k’s, but I’ve never received a medal at the end of it. I don’t mind walking, but the idea of paying money to wake up early on the weekend to exercise in the heat has never really appealed to me. Ha

When my boyfriend asked me to do it I said yes without hesitation. I’ve always dreamed of being with a kind, loving man who will show up for races with me, and now I have that. My guess is that he’ll run the race, then wait for me at the finish line. I don’t want to slow him down, but I’ll be happy to see him waiting for me when I finish.

I’ve wanted to do this race every year since moving to New Orleans. Most of the cool races happen in my neighborhood, so it’s convenient, but this one is always appealing because it ends on the 50-yard line inside the Superdome.

I’ve been to Saints games, of course, but there’s something about jogging through the tunnels and onto the finish line, where I’ll receive a metal, that excites me. (What can I say? I have a flair for the dramatic.)

I’m looking forward to walking the race even though it’s going to take me over an hour to finish it. The timing doesn’t matter to me. I just love any opportunity to remind myself that I can do cool things.

I’ve been walking a lot over the last week or so. (Thank you, Pokemon Go!) And I realized even before walking all over town chasing Pokemons that I need new sneakers…badly.

Over the last few years I’ve moved away from Nike to New Balance, Asics, then Brooks. I loved the Asics so much that I wore a hole in one. I’m not particularly fond of New Balance, but the Brooks weren’t bad. I’m just not sure which brand I’ll choose now.

Do you have a favorite, go-to brand for sneakers? If so, which one?


Power Songs: What’s On Your Playlist?

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s a fun topic to mention from time to time.  My favorite songs change frequently so it’s fun to look back and see what I loved before and to hear about your favorites.

My taste in music runs the gamut, but when it comes to working out some songs never leave the rotation.  When I want to sweat with maximum effort, I can always count on songs from Nickelback’s Dark Horse album to get me going.

I use Nike+, a chip inside my sneaker that keeps track of time, distance, calories burned and some other really cool stuff.  The information is transmitted between my shoe and my iPhone (which is awesome.)  And it allows me to create workout playlists and to choose a “power song.”  My current choice is Vertigo by U2.  If I feel a lull during my workout, I tap the “power song” button which usually puts my head back in the game.

 I love walking and jogging outside because it’s easy to find myself lost in good music.  And before I know it, I’ve completed more than the 5k that I had planned.  Here’s a sample of my current workout jams:

  • Something In Your Mouth – Nickelback (Hey, I didn’t say they were tasteful…I said they get me moving.)
  • Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5
  • Mr. Brownstone – Guns N’ Roses
  • Shakin’ Hands – Nickelback
  • I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin DeGraw (This song rocks my world on so many levels.)
  • Supersonic – Pearl Jam 
  • Gonna See My Friend – Pearl Jam
  • All Night – Pearl Jam
  • Sucker Train Blues – Velvet Revolver
  • Rusty Halo – The Script
  • S.E.X. – Nickelback (What can I say? Dark Horse is one of my favorite albums. It’s definitely not for everyone, but nothing works to get me moving more than the songs from this album.)
  • Mine – Taylor Swift
  • Vertigo – U2
  • Cowboy Cassanova – Carrie Underwood
  • P.I.M.P. – 50 Cent (great for warm-ups and cool-downs) 
  • Rich Girl – Gwen Stefanie
  • For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert
  • Get Up Offa That Thing – James Brown
  • Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift 
  • Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz
  • Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

What’s your power song?  Does the music you’re listening to help you push through tough workouts? Are there “must have” songs missing on my playlist?  If so, what are they?

Just Because It’s Fun…

It’s another gray day in New York, but I feel like bloggin’. One of my favorite bloggers, ByHillary, posted this little quiz on her blog so I decided to do the same. If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should. She’s awesome…Now, on to the questions..

1.Do you lie about your weight? And if so by how much? Nope…and I’m proud to say that I currently weigh 298.6 pounds (95 pounds down from last year.) I’m no longer in the 300’s! I reached the 200’s milestone this week..yay! I still have a long way to go, but I’m proud of where I am and where I’m going…

2. Whats your dream job? why? I’m excited to say that I love my job…it’s definitely my idea of dreamy, and I feel fortunate..

3. Your walking down the street and come across an elephant. Whats you first reaction? “Um, there’s an elephant walking down the street. Whaaat?” Eh, it’s New York. It could happen.

4. Is there any song you play on repeat. Might not even be your favorite, but you can’t stop listening to it over and over. “Lover Be Strong” by Gavin DeGraw is a staple in my life for personal reasons. He is extraordinarily humble, supportive and encouraging. I love this man. ♥

5. Favorite lyric. There are too many to choose just one, but one of my all-time favorites is… “No matter how cold the winter, there’s a springtime ahead.” -Pearl Jam

6. Favorite quote. I have several, but one that speaks to me regularly is “A year from now you’ll wish you had started today.”

7. How tall are you? 5′ 3.5″, but I seem much taller…seriously.

8. What color are your eyes? hazel/green..plain…eh..

9. What did you think the future would be like when you were a kid? I dreamed of having an amazing job, amazing boyfriend and living in New York…:) And I can honestly say that it’s even cooler than I thought it would be.

10. Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? What was it? Nothing too exciting, no..but I considered putting on a fake engagement ring for April Fool’s this year. I decided against it after considering how silly I’d feel when I had to say ‘April Fool’s’ after the joke.

As always, please copy and paste the questions with your answers in a comment or on your own blog because I’d love to read your answers too.


It’s also a new week which means it’s time fo Friend Makin’ Monday! This week Amber wants to know 5 things that we love (aside from the obvious.) If you want to join FMM, just click here. Now I’ll attempt to list a few things I love that are not obvious already. Is that even possible? 🙂

Five Things I Love

1) Playing ‘Words.’ It’s like Scrabble for the iPhone. I play with a friend who lives far away, and it helps me feel a little closer to him. 🙂

2) Being spontaneous. I like planning a trip out of town or just to another part of town on a whim. Those days are often my favorite days. 🙂

3) Thai food…I cannot get enough Pad See Yew. Seriously…it’s ridiculously tasty. I’m so glad it’s only 4 WW points per cup!

4) Thursday nights…at some point last year, Thursdays became my favorite day of the week. I am always so excited about weighing in then I enjoy a great meeting and an evening with some of my closest friends.

5) My sneakers. I wear Nike Shox that I typically buy custom from NikeID.com. I spend a lot of time in my sneakers these days so it’s important that they’re comfortable and cute.

As you can probably guess, I love answering questions like this. And I really love reading your answers too. So feel free to answer these questions too! I’m looking forward to it.