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Netflix, Hulu, or ?

I’ve been going back and forth about getting rid of cable. I turned it off for a week last month, and it was great to be free of the distraction for the most part.

Years ago I got into a bad habit of leaving CNN on mute all day. When I worked from home I had a 24 hour news cycle filtering through my living space, and when I ended that in 2014, I felt much happier overall.

It’s hard to turn away from the news now. I don’t talk about politics much here, but if you know me at all, you know how important politics is to my day-to-day life…err, how important it was.

When I started having dreams about crunching poll numbers I knew it was time to make a change again. I signed up for Netflix because I wanted to watch Fuller House with Mom when she visited. I was also ready for Season 4 of House of Cards, but it’s just not my thing anymore. I also watched Jane the Virgin, which is hilarious…at least what I’ve seen so far.

Now, as i think about eliminating cable for a while, I wonder if I should sign up for Hulu as well. I could catch new shows that way, while eliminating the 24/7 news cycle. Apparently, I’m not strong enough turn away from it. I still get sucked into every debate, every town hall on both sides of the aisle (even though I can predict almost everything they’ll say.)

Do you use Netflix or Hulu? If so, would you recommend it? Do you have an alternate recommendation?


What Does Blogging Actually Accomplish?

I’d like to think that at some point my blog had a powerful effect on someone, and I think it did…on me. I’m not convinced that it’s good for anything else though, and at this point (for a long time now) I’ve wondered whether or not it’s good for me.

I’ve discussed a lot of topics over the years, and I’ve received a lot of amazing comments and insights from people, many of whom have similar goals and desires. I love communicating on various levels with people who live differently than I do. Rarely do I have a desire to change anyone’s mind (on my blog or in person,) but I do like engaging and widening my perspective.

My last post, in which I respectfully shared my views (apart from my title hook) made me think about whether or not my voice is benefitting anyone (myself included,) and the answer, at least in this case, is no.

I stand by the things I said, but what good does it do to come here and share my opinion? Everyone has one; why do I blog about mine? I started to keep myself accountable not caring whether anyone ever read it or not, then I continued because I enjoyed the constant onslaught of encouragement and attention. Now I do it because sometimes I have things to say, recognizing that not many will see it anyway.

I like to share my thoughts, views and opinions, but my goal has never been to hurt anyone in the process. As an American I have a right to say whatever I want to say, and I think it’s only fair for those who demand tolerance to offer it equally. Having that right doesn’t mean that I should always act on it, and the fact is, I rarely do.

It’s fine to disagree with me. I don’t share my thoughts here to elicit specific thoughts or opinions. I share them because they’re my thoughts and opinions. We are facing some serious issues in this country, and it’s important to acknowledge them. It’s even more important to do something constructive to change it, and I’m actively trying to do that in my community.

I have a separate blog to talk about what God’s doing in my life, but the same message applies here. Colossians 3:17 says,

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

It’s pretty clear than I have a right to share my thoughts and opinions, but I need to be more conscious about what I feel and why I do. I’m asking God to change my heart, to help me see myself and others the way He sees me. He offers grace, mercy, forgiveness and a clean slate. I want to be the kind of person who does the same, so if my last post hurt you, I’m sorry.

Until next time…




Enough with the Black Lives Matter and Gender Equality Stuff, Or Why It’s Not Going To Work That Way

Before I share my thoughts I’d like to note that I’m half (yes, 50%) American Indian, and I’m obese. I face harsh and unfiltered discrimination on a regular basis, and I’m actively working on changing the tide (starting with myself.)

I mentioned my chat with Senator Bernie Sanders a few weeks ago, and while I don’t agree with a lot of his political views, I’m pissed about what happened in Seattle on Saturday.

The senator and presidential hopeful was there for a rally that was disrupted and ultimately shut down by Black Lives Matter “activists” who stormed the stage, showing a complete lack of respect for the senator and for the thousands of people who waited all day to hear him speak. 

Of course black lives matter; I have zero tolerance for those who disagree. The fact is all lives matter, and it’s ridiculous and sad that there are people in this nation who disagree.

There’s a serious race issue in this nation that needs to be addressed, but it’s no longer one-sided. Misdirecting anger toward one elected official who actively fights for civil rights seems like a dumb move to me.

Note to the “activists” who showed no remorse for their blatant disregard of everyone else: If you really want to affect change, try showing some respect, as opposed to acting like tempermental lunatics on a stage that isn’t yours. 

And while I’m fired up I’m going to share my feelings on Target’s decision to “move away from gender-based signs.” In my opinion the concept is stupid and mildly offensive.

I’m a woman, and I’m proud to be a woman. I don’t believe that everyone should be forced to be a woman, but I don’t see the problem in being on either.

I have friends who are transgender, and I understand and empathize with their struggle to find contentment because I am keenly aware of the difficulty associated in feeling different than everyone around you. Moving away from gender-based signs is a separate issue.

When I was growing up I didn’t play with baby dolls; I played with my dad’s sermon notes and highlighters. I wanted to be a consultant or an analyst before I was old enough to label myself as such. It didn’t matter to me if my blocks were pink and purple or if they were primary colors. I liked Lincoln Logs and Barbies, though my versatility never led to gender identity issues.

Society (myself included) has become so incredibly weak and overly sensitive that I fear we’ve forgotten that our differences make the world go around.

Men and women are different. We just are. When did that become such a deplorable and unacceptable thing?



A Few Minutes with Senator Bernie Sanders

I have a lot of respect for the office of the presidency, so when I had an opportunity to chat with a man who could be the next leader of the free world I did it.

Bernie Sanders Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting US Senators who has served in my lifetime, and we don’t agree on many fundamental issues. I’m not a part of his team, but I gained a lot of respect for him today.

I met with him at a small, private gathering in the suburbs before he headed to a campaign rally in a neighboring town. I think it’s important to hear what each candidate has to say because it’s the only way we can hold them accountable.

He listened intently and answered respectfully

He listened intently and answered respectfully

We discussed gun control candidly, and I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic because it hit close to home recently.

I live in a pretty nice neighborhood. It’s home to a variety of professionals, but that didn’t stop me from finding a gun in my face last month. I was headed to rehearsal for church at around 8:15 on Sunday morning when a man pointed a gun at me and demanded that I get out of my car.

I shared my thoughts on gun control, instant background checks, gun usage among criminals and the government’s role (and its perceived role) in all of it. We didn’t come to any grand conclusions, but it was interesting to hear his perspective and the perspective from others in the room.

I rarely discuss politics online, but today was an important day in my little world. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I had to communicate with the senator, and I’m looking forward to hearing from other candidates in the coming months.




If You’re Reading This, Please Share Your Thoughts…

If you know me at all, then you know that New York still feels like home to me even though I no longer wake up there every morning.  And if you know me outside of my blog, then you might know that while I don’t often see eye to eye with Mayor Bloomberg, I do have a great deal of respect for him.

A few years after I moved to New York it became mandatory to share calorie counts on menus, and I was okay with that.  As someone who tries to be conscious of what I’m consuming, I was pleased to have the information readily available, but seeing the nutrition facts posted on the menu never had an impact on what I was eating.

As someone who began making a conscious effort to know such things, I wasn’t surprised when I saw the information; I was already aware of it.  And I was aware of it because it was my responsibility – my choice,  to make myself aware.  An interesting fact, however, is that my favorite restaurants in New York (not chains) still don’t post that information so it didn’t affect me often anyway.

And on the rare occasion that someone would convince me to go to The Cheesecake Factory (I prefer the sushi next door) I always laughed when I saw my friends openly gasp at the nutrition facts.  I heard “Oh no, I can never eat here again” and “How can it be that fattening?! It’s salad” was a common question as well.  But the fact is that my friends still ordered the same meals and the same drinks and desserts.  And soda drinkers will still drink soda.

Mayor Bloomberg has proposed a ban on sugary drinks in restaurants in New York.  In his attempt to curb obesity, he has suggested that restaurants (and places like Starbucks as well) should no longer be allowed to sell sugary, calorie-laden drinks that are larger than 16 oz.  And maybe you’re thinking that this doesn’t affect you because you don’t live in New York City, but take a look at history.  New York sets the bar for everyone else, and I have a serious problem with what the mayor is trying to accomplish here.

I stopped drinking soft drinks in 2009, and I have talked ad nauseam about the benefits of breaking that addiction in my life.  It’s easily the best thing I have ever done for my body.  The cravings were almost unbearable at first; it wasn’t easy.  It took a long time to find soda repulsive, but I do.  In fact, I rarely waste calories on drinks of any kind.  Water is the only thing I drink regularly, and in my view diet drinks are just as toxic as their non-diet counterparts.    (I prefer to waste calories on food, but that’s a different flaw for a different day.)

I drank a 90-calorie iced coffee this week at Starbucks. It happens, but it's incredibly rare.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the mayor on a few occasions, and I believe that he cares about New York and its people. I realize that his efforts come from a positive place, but this attempt to control our caloric intake is eroding the rights of Americans.

I’m overweight even though I weigh a lot less than I used to, and I’m afraid that Mayor Bloomberg simply does not understand the the psychological (and in some cases) physical damage that could result from telling Americans what they can or cannot consume.

Like many Americans who have never struggled with weight and/or food addiction, he doesn’t understand the complexities of obesity.  And it seems that he has also failed to realize that addicts find ways to sate themselves.

I despise soda.  It controlled me for years, and I wish that everyone could experience the positive effects of no longer drinking it.  But it’s not my decision, and it shouldn’t be Mayor Bloomberg’s either.

The government already controls so much more than it should, and adding calories to the unconstitutional list of things that the government already controls makes me sick to my stomach.

It may not seem like a big deal to some, but my question is when will it end?  Where will we draw the line?  I don’t want to look back at my life fifty years from now  only to wonder at which moment America was no longer a free country.

I don’t get political on my blog often, and it’s not likely that I will.  This issue, like many others, is extraordinarily important to me, and I want to know what you think.

Do you support Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal ban sugary drinks?  Do you think it’s discriminatory? Do you think that the government has a right to tell you what you consume everyday?


It’s Super Tuesday! Does That Matter To You?

I don’t talk politics on my blog even though I’m extraordinarily passionate about it, but today is a big day in the GOP primary.

You can’t turn on the TV or check out the news online without seeing headlines, and I’d like to know how you feel about it.  Are you interested?  Do you loathe it?  I know that politics can be a heated issue so let’s try to keep the comments general.

I’m not asking who you’ll vote for or what your party affiliation is.  There’s just some interesting stuff happening right now, and I want to know if anyone else here is interested in it

So…does politics matter to you?  Yes or no?




I rarely discuss politics on my blog for some obvious reasons and for some that are far less obvious to those who do not know me. Regardless, I don’t talk about it much here, and it will stay that way. But this is big news for me as well as other Americans.

I have disabled comments for this post – something I’ve never done until today – because your political views will not change the way I feel about you as readers and friends. I just had to say it. =)

New York Soda Tax

I don’t talk about politics on my blog, but it’s not because I don’t have opinions. 😉 It’s one of my favorite topics, but sharing my views could complicate my work situation so I stay away from it. Today I’ve decided to share my thoughts on the proposed soda tax here in New York.

I don’t drink soda. I work too hard to lose weight to drink hundreds of calories per day. And I don’t drink diet sodas because replacing garbage with garbage doesn’t seem like a good solution to me either. But I’m a little aggravated about the proposed soda tax that New York is considering.

Mayor Boomberg and Governor Patterson would like to add one cent per ounce as a soda tax which would, in theory, “lower the 7.2 billion dollars that the state spends every year to treat obesity.” Philadelphia has proposed a 2 cent increase per ounce which would raise the price of a 12-pack of sodas by $2.88.

Even after losing 90 pounds, I’m still considered obese. And neither the state or national government is paying for any of my health care. For the record, I’d like to keep it that way.

If you walk by me on your way to work or while you’re out shopping you will never see me drinking a coke or Dr. Pepper. I don’t even drink coffee. But if you walk one block, I am confident that you’ll see overweight folks and many who are by no means overweight drinking sodas.

The problem I have with taxing the hell out of sodas isn’t the money because I don’t drink the stuff. It’s the fact that they’re willing to tax something simply because it makes people fat. And if they can tax sodas because “they want to help curb obesity” then they’ll eventually consider taxing things like chocolate bars or potato chips or birthday cakes.

I don’t eat any of the above on a regular basis, but I don’t believe that it’s okay for the government to seize control of our choices by raising prices. It’s un-American, and I don’t like it.

You don’t have to agree with me, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the subject. While it may not be an issue in your area today, remember that New York tends to set the trend for other states so it could be an issue later.

Do you think it’s okay for the state government to tax foods and/or drinks that are linked to obesity? If so, why?


And the winner of the Trader Joe’s Giveaway is #8 – Julie who is Rockin’ The Country! Congrats Julie. Please send e-mail me with a mailing address so I can send the prize upon my return from vacation next week!

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Thanks to everyone who participated! I wish I could share these items with all of you so I’ll do another giveaway soon!


My vacation begins today, but look for new blog posts everyday. Tomorrow’s post will be about Sarah who has lost 185 pounds! And Friday, the post is about falling in love as an overweight person. I’ll be out of the country, but I’ll definitely keep in touch! Miss me while I’m gone. 😉

Do You Have To Be Thin To Run For Office?

I love politics, but if you know me then you know why I don’t discuss it on my blog. That being said, I’d like to talk about a politician for a moment. His name is Chris Christie.

He is running for governor across the river, in New Jersey. And his opponent, John Corzine, has been busy attacking him over the last few days. But his attacks are not about education or taxes or the environment…they’re about Mr. Christie’s weight.

I find it appalling that John Corzine would attack his opponent in such a personal and insulting way, but that’s politics, right? And though I would prefer to see Governor Corzine attack Mr. Christie regarding actual political issues, he has chosen to bring his weight to the table.

Mr. Christie is morbidly obese – like me, but does that mean he can’t be an effective governor? Does it mean he can’t set the kind of example he should set as the man leading that state?

You probably already know my stance, but let me be clear anyway. Chris Christie’s weight will not impede his ability to fulfill his duties as governor.

We all have personal struggles, and perhaps weight is a struggle for Mr. Christie. But maybe it’s not at the top of his agenda. Maybe he is comfortable with himself and confident that he could be good for the state of New Jersey.

I understand that obesity is an epidemic, and I am doing what I can to make myself a healthier person because I want to be healthy and fit. And because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life being criticized by strangers in my personal and/or professional life.

I don’t talk about work on my blog…ever. But believe me, I know how hard it is to be fat while working as a professional. I know what it’s like NOT to fit the profile of others in my field, but I also know that I am very good at what I do – even at my present weight. And for these reasons, I can be sure that Chris Christie will do his job, regardless of his size.