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What I Loved About Fitbloggin

Last week while I was on a plane I wrote a gushy post about everything that I was looking forward to once I arrived in Portland.  The week before had been incredibly stressful, and I was determined to leave it in the past so I focused on what would make me happy.  I scheduled it, but it never published.  Oops!  I scheduled a Friend Makin’ Mondays post (knowing that I’d still be in Portland on the following Monday,)  and that published early.  Oops!  I had some technical issues last week, and I hope they’re resolved now.  I suppose we’ll see in time, won’t we? 😉

Once I arrived in Portland, I didn’t spend much time blogging.  I wrote a post for Fitbloggin.com, but apart from that, I enjoyed everything as it happened.  I did a little tweeting, Facebook-ing and Instagram-ing, but I didn’t spend much time looking at my computer screen or my phone which is odd for me.  I also managed to miss an entire week of news, and for this Anderson Cooper junkie, that’s unheard of!

As a blogger it’s easy to forget to live “in the now.”  I often joke about my love for social media by saying “Why do it if you can’t take a picture of it and post it on your blog?”  But being there last week and absorbing all of the experiences with old friends and new friends made me happy.  I felt as though I had walked into a big hug when I arrived and that it continued throughout the conference.  I knew that going would be a good thing, and it was a great thing.

I saw several friends that I haven’t seen in ages.  I’m always happy to see Leslie and Jaason.  They’re always at the top of my list.  We dined at lovely 5-star restaurants, tasted various types of ice cream at Salt and Straw and spent time joking with each other, discussing life and other things.  Meeting Leslie is easily the best thing that has come as a result of Fitbloggin, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve met so many wonderful people throughout the years.

Leslie McClure and Kenlie Tiggeman Fitbloggin 13

Jaason and Kenlie at Fitbloggin

I was also excited this year because my long-time friend, KeepItUpDavid, was going to be in attendance for the first time.  It was hard to contain my excitement when I saw him…so I didn’t.  I immediately began hugging him and gushing about how wonderful it was to see him again, and it was as awesome as I thought it would be.  We got to spend some time outside of the conference too, and I’m so thankful that he was there.


Keep it Up David Kenlie BookieBoo MerBear

I also made some new friends this year.  I had met Leah (aka BookieBoo) at conferences in the past, but we enjoyed a night out on the town this year.  I knew she’d love David too, and I was right.  What’s not to love? 🙂   I also got to spend time with Meredith and Tasha (who took the photo above) as well.

After Friday morning’s 6 am boot camp, we stopped in to report the news.  (No we didn’t.)  We did get a cool tour of KGW’s studio though!

1063976_10201734311746180_2066765996_o (2)

And after Zumba, I went to a session for those of us who have a lot to lose, and Emmie gave us flowers when we cried.  Did a few ugly tears stop us from taking photos?  Of course not!


I went to lunch with Lyn and enjoyed deep conversations about our lives – where they are, what we’d like to do differently, etc.  It felt good to be so candid with someone who understands what’s inside my head, and I hope she’ll find her way to New Orleans sooner rather than later.  (Hint, Hint Lyn!)

And what would Fitbloggin be without Martinus and Dre?  These dudes crack me up, and I couldn’t even begin to describe how awesome they are if I tried.  Martinus is the man.  He knows how to sport a bow tie, but he’s just as comfortable in sneakers.  His blog is almost a year old now, and I can’t really imagine what this community would be like without him.  Take a minute to say hello to him and wish him a happy birthday. 🙂  And Dre just makes me smile every time I see him.  What can I say?  These guys are great…

martinus 300poundsandrunnin missionmeltdown dre

I spent time with so many people who matter to me that I couldn’t possibly post pictures of all of them without driving myself crazy, but you get the idea.  It was a great week in which I laughed, cried, learned, sweated, made new friends, kissed a cow and enjoyed being surrounded by people who “get” me.

There’s so much more I could say about last week, but I haven’t even made it home yet so I’m exhausted.  After the conference ended I stuck around to see friends who lived in the area and didn’t attend Fitbloggin.  I met my long-time web friend, Melissa, and I also met another friend (who will likely be at Fitbloggin in 2014, Emily.)  Another friend who doesn’t live in the area drove in so we could spend some time together too, and that feeling I described above (like I walked into one big hug) lasted even after the conference was over.

Melissa and Kenlie  Vancouver, Washington

Emily and Kenlie Portland, OR

I’ll return to New Orleans tomorrow just in time to celebrate the nation’s birthday, then mine (on Friday.)  I have family visiting too which is something that I always look forward to.  I have so much more to say about Fitbloggin and what I learned about myself last week, but I’ll need to some time to settle in before I collect my thoughts.  I also have some work to do which will take priority for a bit when I get home.

The last ten days have been amazing, and I’m so thankful for the community of people that I was able to connect with once again.  I’m already looking forward to next year, and can’t wait to paint the town with these people…in Nashville or Austin.

Until then…


No More Shame, Or Why I Almost Decided Not To Go To Fitbloggin’

If you know me, you probably know that I go through phases in which I travel a lot.  You may also know that Fitbloggin’ has been one of my favorite events to attend over the years.  The first two years I attended were in Baltimore which, for me, was a no-brainer, but I gave it more thought this year for a few reasons.

First, it’s in Portland, OR which has never been on my list of places I’d like to go.  I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful city and that the hotel in which the conference will be held is equally beautiful.  (That’s good to know!)  I’m just an east coast girl so it has never been on my radar.  After doing some research and hearing some amazing stories about it, I’ve extended my trip, and I plan to spend a few days there after the conference.   (I’m obviously excited now.)

Secondly, it’s a much longer flight that requires a connection.  If you know me even a little bit, you know that I despise connecting flights.  When I lived in New York, it was easy to say that I’d fly direct, or I wouldn’t go.  That’s not as easy flying out of New Orleans, and it seemed to be impossible when I was perusing flights online.

The third reason is much bigger though.  I haven’t lost any weight since the last one.  The conference is designed for fitness-minded bloggers (many of whom will weigh less than they did last time I saw them,) and I’m going to be about 10 pounds heavier this year than I was at the last one.  Do you know how ridiculous and shameful I feel when I think about how I’ve spent the last several months moving in the wrong direction?! 

Here’s the thing about Fitbloggin’ though – it’s about growth and progress, self-acceptance and a lot of other positive things.  Maybe folks will notice that I’m a bit larger than I was at the last one, but I can’t imagine imagine missing out on giant the giant hugs, learning experiences, awesome workouts and happy reunions that are imminent because I’m not happy that my clothes fit a bit tighter right now.

Many of the people in attendance, some of whom are dear friends, know how much I’ve struggled to hang on by a thread, and some of them understand it because they’ve lived it.  Some of my best friends came as a result of Fitbloggin’ too, and they’ve never liked or disliked me based on the size of my clothes.

It may not be quite as easy to face old friends and new ones as it would be if I were at least a few sizes smaller, but it would be far more difficult to let the opportunities pass me by because I’m not happy with myself.   I’ve been trying to listen to my body lately, and it seems to be working better than I imagined that it would.  I’m also feeling good about my workouts, and I’m in a happier, much more settled place than I was during the previous years.  I’ve made tremendous amounts of progress within my mind, and my body is still strong as well.

I’m glad that I’ve decided to get over the embarrassment so I can attend Fitbloggin’ because when I go, I always feel as though I’m right where I belong, and I can’t wait to have that feeling again.

Get ready, Portland.  I’ll be there soon.

Have you ever attended Fitbloggin?  Will you be there this year?




What Are Your Summer Travel Plans?

Do you ever go through periods of life in which you feel like you can’t catch up?  I’m going through that right now, but I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After feeling sick for over a week, I recovered (apart from the coughing that won’t stop)  just in time for finals.  The most difficult exam I’ll take  will be today, and my brain is fried from the studying I’ve been doing. Thankfully, it is also the last final I have to take this semester, but I have a B in the class right now (which is totally unacceptable) so I have to ace it.  Wish me luck!

Between being under the weather and studying (and let’s be honest – procrastinating when I should have been studying,) my workouts have suffered lately.  I’ve managed to hit the gym upstairs a few times, but I’m not doing my best.  I’m not even coming close, and there’s really no excuse for that.

When class is over today, I’ll have two weeks off before my summer courses begin.  I have spent far too long trying to figure out how I can make my summer class schedule work with my travel schedule.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but I think I have it figured out.

I’m looking forward to Summer because I’m going to some great places, seeing some extraordinary people and attending some highly anticipated events.

Fitbloggin will be the first of them, and I can’t wait! This will be my third year to attend, and there are so many people that need to be prepared for gigantic hugs from me!  I’m looking forward to meeting some new people too.  Will I see you at Fitbloggin?

A month later I will be attending BlogHer for the first time, and I’m excited about that too!  It will be my first BlogHer conference, and I plan to stay for a few extra days to spend time with friends in Chicago.

I’m heading to Washington, D.C., New York and some other places as well.  I haven’t been New York lately, and it’s time to head back.  I have places to go and people to see.  😉

I’m also seeing my sister and my niece when they visit New Orleans in July.  My birthday month is going to be a good one! Maybe a special someone in our nation’s capital will help me make this birthday as perfect as my last one. 😉  (Hey! July will be here before we know it, and it’s never too early to make a birthday wish!)

It has been a few weeks since I’ve been on an airplane, but I’ll be bouncing around the country again soon.  What are your travel plans? Where will you be as the weather turns warm?