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Mother’s Day Weekend

I had one of those weekends that was awesome and exhausting, and as I write this post I’m so thankful. I spent Mother’s Day with Mom today, and she’s continuing to recover from the strokes she had a few weeks ago. I’ve never been more thankful to spend time with her than I was today.

Mom and Me

When I arrived at her house we both took naps, then we ate watermelon, spent time with the neighbor and played Bananagrams. We didn’t do anything particularly exciting, but I was overwhelmed with gratitude that she’s here and healing. I’m just so relieved that God is in control – even through the scariest of circumstances, and I’m also thankful that I recognized that in the midst of everything.

I have a lot to discuss here – protein shakes, TRX and swimming, but right now I’m beat. I’m looking forward to relaxing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I just need to power through a few days first.

I’m going to start the week off right be getting some sleep. My goal is to sleep for 7 to 8 hours. Am I the only one who needs that much to feel refreshed the next morning?



Is Awake Really the New Sleep?

I don’t usually have trouble sleeping.  Sure, I go to bed later than the average person, but when my head hits the pillow I enter dreamland pretty quickly.

I’m not the ‘tossing and turning’ type. When I sleep, I typically sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

I curl up with my pillows between my micro-fleece sheets, under multiple blankets (because I’m usually freezing) and drift to sleep.  But over the last few nights it hasn’t happened that way.  My sleep has been restless.

The last few nights my dreams have been extraordinarily similar.  They’ve been vivid and happy too, but I wake up feeling like I never quite rested.

Sleeping was chore before my body started shrinking, but I’ve grown accustomed to sleeping well.  And I don’t know what’s wrong.

I’m hoping for restful sleep tonight because I have a mid-term exam tomorrow and a long day surrounding it.

Has anyone else experienced this?   If so, did something change, or did your peaceful sleep return when it was ready to?