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Saturday at the YMCA and More…

Don’t ask me why I suddenly love to blog on the weekends. I’ve been doing this for nearly a decade (over seven years on this site,) and I know that nothing really happens on the internet over the weekends. I also know that after taking a pretty significant break from blogging regularly, there’s not much happening here during the week either. I’d like to think that someone still reads what I write, but right now I’m here because I want to remember how I felt today.

YMCA New Orleans

One of the perks of working at the Y is that I can go in and exercise at any time, and today I decided I’d go in and sweat for a bit. I’m still not ready to talk about what I’m planning, but I will say that I set aside my fears of looking silly today and did a personal, impromptu aerobics class with myself.

I warmed up, did some cardio and some compound movements, and by the end I was drenched in sweat. (I know that’s gross, but I love the feelings that come with being a sweaty, post-workout mess.)  I own a Garmin Vivofit 2, but I think I’ll need to invest in a heart rate monitor soon.

After my workout I bought a few groceries before heading home to make lunch. I’m tracking my food in the Weight Watchers app, and it’s interesting to see how they’ve adjusted since I was a member before. I like the way they seem to be taking more into account, and it’s been pretty eye-opening to realize how much I’ve been allowing myself to eat. No wonder I gained so much back. Good grief. (Obvious, I know, but it helps me to see it and acknowledge it.)

I love having yogurt for breakfast when I get to work. I typically have vanilla Greek yogurt with various toppings, but when I learned that I could buy Noosa at Sam’s Club, I went for it. I already know how much I love the strawberry rhubarb flavor, so I’m pretty confident that I’ll like the others as well. I like that they’re smaller than the individual ones I’ve seen in grocery stores, and the price tag was pretty great too – $9.48 per dozen. (We just talked about how much I appreciate the little things. Ha..)


Tonight I’m going out with friends, so I’m going to shower and relax a bit before my person comes to pick me up. I’m feeling pretty good about my day so far, and I’m looking forward to a fun evening.

Until next time…

Maybe Admitting It Will Help

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I think I need to face some fears that I have when I think about my goals in weight-loss and in other parts of my life as well.  I know that I need to believe in myself in order to succeed, but confidence is something I have struggled with for the last couple of years.

Today someone told me that I need to envision myself at my goal in order to get there.  I need to imagine it in order to believe it can happen, but right now it’s almost impossible to imagine.  I know that I want it, and I’m still going strong in my 90 days of change, making choices day to day to accomplish my goal.  I need to start believing that I can do it so I’m going to start reminding myself that I can every single day.

I’m not sure why I allow myself to spend so much time and emotion worrying that I won’t live up to the expectations that I’ve set for myself.  When I look at my life objectively, I see that I’m on my way to making a success out of myself.  I just can’t allow myself to forget that if I do the work, I’ll reach my goals.

If I eat healthy food consistently and exercise regularly, I will lose weight.  I also need to remember that losing as much as I lost in 2009/2010 was not a fluke.  There were no tricks or shortcuts.  I just made good choices most of the time, and as a result, I saw the numbers on the scale decrease.    I need to remember that if I want this to happen I’m in control, and I am trying.

Over the weekend, I faced major challenges at the annual party that I have attended with Mom over the last few years.  We both went in with a plan to make it through the day without overindulging, and we both did it.  Shortly after we arrived, we participated in personal health screenings, and my blood pressure and blood sugar were both excellent.  My BMI needs to decrease substantially, but I’m trying!


Seeing those positive numbers reminded me that my healthy choices are paying off, and it was much easier to enjoy the day without overindulging in BBQ, cupcakes and a myriad of other desserts.

I feel like I’m in a decent place, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.  My workouts have been consistently good, and I have another training session tomorrow afternoon.  I  am taking control one choice at a time, and I hope that at some point soon I’ll realize that doing that will make me successful.

Do you/did you envision yourself at your goal?  Have you ever struggled with self-confidence?  If so, how did you change it?