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Blood Work, Parties and Pictures…

My pain level has decreased significantly since my last post, and while I’m not 100% better, I feel well enough to exercise again and do the things I usually do.

My weekend started with friends and colleagues at a work party Friday night when I went to the Sizzling Summer Soiree, our biggest fundraiser of the year. We’ve been looking forward to it for months, and finally being there felt like a huge success.

Michael and MeMy boyfriend, Michael, was my date for the event (obviously,) and we arrived early with a car load of sushi that had been donated for the event. When we arrived he went to work as if he had been a part of the team forever. I love that about him. He’s incredibly intelligent, bright and successful, but when a job needs to be done he gets it done. No job is beneath him because he values everyone, which is such an attractive characteristic.

He already knows the folks I work with because we’re all friends, and they’ve known him since before we were really dating. The cool thing is that he would have worked just as hard or strangers. His parents definitely raised him right. Swoon.

Stacie and KenlieStacie, who has become one of our aforementioned close friends, worked tirelessly to make this event happen. I know others did too, but I saw the work she did first-hand. We definitely all breathed a sigh of relief as we saw the event come together, then she and I took our first selfie. Seriously, we’ve had some great times together, yet we had never taken a picture? We’ve talked about that a few times.  Aren’t we cute?!

After we took our first one we took a few more with our friends and awesome co-workers. (Why not?! We were all feeling snazzy without our ponytails and gym clothes. Haha We were only missing Haley, who looked gorgeous and sparkly from head to toe! )

YMCA Friends

Michael even took one of us that was not a selfie. Who doesn’t love a good group photo?

The Cannery New Orleans

Following the party Saturday and Sunday were the quietest days I’ve had in quite a while. Michael flew out of town for work early that morning and landed as I was waking up for the day (at 7:30 am) while I ran errands around town before returning home. I typically fill my weekends with activities and events,  but I chose to take a much needed rest from all the things.

I did some writing, cooking, reading, baking and shopping. I also watched Hillary and Kaine as she announced him as her VP and  picked up a ring that I had resized. (More on the ring later.)

I had such a quiet and relaxing weekend that I almost felt guilty about it, then I was reminded that sometimes I need that. I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled lifestyle tomorrow, but it felt good to have some rest after the last few weeks. I can’t say that I’ve been busier than usual, but I do have to say that everything feels more tiring and challenging when I don’t feel well.

Thankfully, I’m on the mend. I’m seeing my doctor again on Tuesday, and I hope to have a lot of questions answered pertaining to weight-loss surgery.

Oh, and my blood work came back normal. They tested my A1C (Yay! No diabetes,) thyroid, cholesterol and a long list of other things, and it all looked fine apart from my weight and blood pressure. (Both are higher than they should be, but I’m working on it.) I figured I was probably okay when I didn’t hear back from them immediately, but it’s comforting to know  that I’m alright for the most part anyway.





What’s In My Bag?

My friend, Hillary, posted a photo of her bag and its contents on her blog last week. And I really enjoyed the post because I love seeing what others think of as ‘essential.’ I’m pretty specific about what I keep in my bag because I don’t like clutter – and because I don’t like seeing bruises on my shoulder at the end of a long day. Am I the only one who has ever had that experience? 😉

My bag is still kind of heavy with everything you see here. And a few things that are usually in it are not pictured – my camera (for obvious reasons) and my glasses (sunglasses and reading glasses.)

So here’s a little detail about my bag and what’s in it…

  • Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 35
  • Kate Spade makeup bag
  • Coach wallet and Coach Skinny – I use the skinny when I go out because it’s big enough for my ID, credit card and cash, and small enough to keep in my pocket.
  • iPod and iPhone – both of which are part of my everyday routine..:)
  • Nook – my e-reader from Barnes and Noble. It’s awesome, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading as much as I do.
  • Short List notepad by Kate Spade and another notepad from Old Navy that says “I’m so smart.”
  • Weight-loss log, food journal and milestone charms are always close because they are important to me

Inside the makeup bag there’s a Coach measuring tape, hairbrush, travel perfume – Marc Jacobs Daisy, double-sided lip color by Smashbox, Bobbi Brown lip color, Mac Studio Fix and Clean and Clear Oil absorbing sheets. And not pictured are my Burberry reading glasses and my new Ray Ban aviators…I feel so cool in those. 😉

Now that you know more about my bag than you ever wanted to know, I hope you’ll share what’s in yours. What can I say? I’m nosy. Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of this Sunday. I think I’ll bake some muffins.


It’s no secret that I shop like a maniac. And since I began using my latest lip finds a couple weeks ago, I’ve truly embraced my Bare Minerals lip color. After purchasing a Natural Lip Trio at Sephora, I was so impressed that I bought another darker lip gloss. It’s amazing how the right lip gloss can add a finished look to your face.

I’d like to find a lip stain soon too. Any suggestions? I think I might try Lorac or Smashbox. Have you used either of them? And if so, what do you think?

Do you have a beauty secret you’d like to share with me? A favorite make-up line? A favorite moisturizer? I’m currently using Perricone MD Cold Plasma on my face in the mornings and before bed., and I plan to review it soon.

The weather has been beautiful here in NY, and I want to do my best to feel beautiful too. 🙂 What makes you feel beautiful?