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Enough with the Black Lives Matter and Gender Equality Stuff, Or Why It’s Not Going To Work That Way

Before I share my thoughts I’d like to note that I’m half (yes, 50%) American Indian, and I’m obese. I face harsh and unfiltered discrimination on a regular basis, and I’m actively working on changing the tide (starting with myself.)

I mentioned my chat with Senator Bernie Sanders a few weeks ago, and while I don’t agree with a lot of his political views, I’m pissed about what happened in Seattle on Saturday.

The senator and presidential hopeful was there for a rally that was disrupted and ultimately shut down by Black Lives Matter “activists” who stormed the stage, showing a complete lack of respect for the senator and for the thousands of people who waited all day to hear him speak. 

Of course black lives matter; I have zero tolerance for those who disagree. The fact is all lives matter, and it’s ridiculous and sad that there are people in this nation who disagree.

There’s a serious race issue in this nation that needs to be addressed, but it’s no longer one-sided. Misdirecting anger toward one elected official who actively fights for civil rights seems like a dumb move to me.

Note to the “activists” who showed no remorse for their blatant disregard of everyone else: If you really want to affect change, try showing some respect, as opposed to acting like tempermental lunatics on a stage that isn’t yours. 

And while I’m fired up I’m going to share my feelings on Target’s decision to “move away from gender-based signs.” In my opinion the concept is stupid and mildly offensive.

I’m a woman, and I’m proud to be a woman. I don’t believe that everyone should be forced to be a woman, but I don’t see the problem in being on either.

I have friends who are transgender, and I understand and empathize with their struggle to find contentment because I am keenly aware of the difficulty associated in feeling different than everyone around you. Moving away from gender-based signs is a separate issue.

When I was growing up I didn’t play with baby dolls; I played with my dad’s sermon notes and highlighters. I wanted to be a consultant or an analyst before I was old enough to label myself as such. It didn’t matter to me if my blocks were pink and purple or if they were primary colors. I liked Lincoln Logs and Barbies, though my versatility never led to gender identity issues.

Society (myself included) has become so incredibly weak and overly sensitive that I fear we’ve forgotten that our differences make the world go around.

Men and women are different. We just are. When did that become such a deplorable and unacceptable thing?



Tieks and Tory Burch and Why Target Won

Last week I wrote a post about Tieks and Tory Burch because I desperately needed new flats.  I love Tory Burch, but when I was searching for a replacement for my latest, doomed pair, I didn’t see anything as cute or versatile my last pair.

While I was at Target with my friend, Ariel, we decided to take a look at the shoes.  I don’t often buy shoes from Target, but I have been happy with the ones that I’ve had in the past so I looked too.

Good grief!  I found a few pairs of amazing flats!  The gold ones below are adorable and comfy, and they were only $16.99!  Seriously?  They’re cuter than the expensive pairs I saw over the weekend, and they’re versatile too!

Mossimo Flats from Target

I was pretty excited to find a cute pair of flats for under $20, but I also found two additional pairs that were on clearance for $5.08.  Obviously, they found their way into my shopping cart too!

Flats from Target

When Clint met up with Ariel and me, he suggested that I find a pair of black and white flats to match an outfit that I plan to wear on my birthday.  (What? Doesn’t everyone plan their birthday outfit at least a month in advance??)

I disagreed with him, thinking that it would be smarter to invest in black ballet flats until I saw the striped shoes at Target!  I liked the sassy red stripe on the back, and for $5, I was able to complete the outfit.


Black and White Flats

By shopping for flats at Target, I was able to pick up three pairs for less than $30.00.  They’re cute and comfy, and while they might not be as durable as my favorite designer flats, they’ll be worth it even if they only last throughout the summer.

I also found a pair of Born wedges at Dillard’s over the weekend.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing shoes with a heel, but these wedges feel sturdy and comfortable.  I also like how they look on my feet.

Born Wedges from Dillards

I found four pairs of shoes over the weekend, and I spent less than half of what I would have spent on a pair of Tieks or Tory Burch flats.  Sure, I’d still like to try the Tieks.  I’d really like a pair of these in black too, but I feels good about the shoes that I found.  I also feel good about their budget-friendly price tags.

Am I the only one who gets excited over awesome shoe finds?



Just A Little Wish List

You may have noticed in previous posts that I’m excited to move into my new apartment.  My move-in date is less than a month away, and I have so much to do to be ready!  I need literally everything for my living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Here’s a preview of the model apartment.  My apartment is new and has all of the same appliance and finishes, and I can’t wait to give it my personal touch.

My kitchen will in pretty good shape.  All I need to complete it is a set of dishes, glasses and knives, but I need everything else for every other room so I’m going to do my best to start finding the right things now.  It seems I’m very particular, but that’s one of the benefits of living alone.  I can decorate everything the way I want to.

It takes time and money and patience to turn a place into a home, but I’m really looking forward to getting started.  I’m sure I’ll depend on places like Ikea, Target, Pier One, World Market and Hobby Lobby to personalize my space in an affordable way.  As you know, my blog allows me to think so I’ve decided to make some lists of what I need and want so I can prioritize.  Let’s start with my most pressing needs:

  • bed and mattress – I found a gray upholstered bed at World Market that I like, and it should match nicely with the Avington furniture that I like at Target.  I’ve owned pieces from that line before, and they’re fantastic.  They’re inexpensive, durable and pretty.
  • TV and stand – I suppose I’ll need a TV to DVR my favorite shows and watch the news.
  • Dining table – I’ll probably get a small table for two since I’ll be living alone.
Obviously, I’ll need a lot of other things as well so I’ve begun compiling a list of things that I need/want like this bed stand from Target.  I’ve owned furniture from this collection before so I already know I like it.  It would be fun to have one on each side of my bed (you know, when I have a bed.)
Or maybe this one:
I’m in love with this queen bed from World Market, and it’s on super sale right now!  If I own it I’ll probably use some kind of inner-spring mattress because I think it might be cuter that way.  I’ll also be a bit more creative with the bedding, but you get the idea.
I like this chair from Target too, and I think it will match the sofa that I like.  I’ve never owned a chair with such bold colors, but I kind of like it so I might try to snag it if it goes on sale again soon.  The chair is really big and sturdy, and it comes in several styles so maybe I’ll do something with less flare.  Maybe not. 😉
I’m really diggin’ this chair too, and it should be easy to match with a sofa. I guess I want a bold look in my living room.  Why not?
How cute is the matching ottoman?


And I just have to say that my life would be better if I owned this beautiful Scrabble game from Restoration Hardware.  It’s ridiculous and totally necessary, but I’ve wanted it for years.  If you know me, you know that I love Scrabble!  This 17-pound board was clearly made for me, and I must own it eventually.  I have other priorities first though, like having a bed and stuff.

What do you think is the most important piece of furniture in your home?  What would you buy first if you had to buy everything?