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Airplanes and Food

Blogging is one of my favorite things to do on an airplane, and right now I’m fired up so I want to discuss the ridiculousness that is food choices. (Don’t judge me. It’s 9:22 pm, and I haven’t had dinner.)

I’m on a flight from New York to New Orleans. We were delayed over an hour one we boarded, which is nothing compared to the several hours of delays I faced on the way to New York. Now it’s time for dinner, and I don’t have any reasonable options.

While visiting the city that never sleeps, I found myself in bed relatively early every night. I slept so well every night, and I’m looking forward to climbing under the blankets in my own bed tonight.

Going to bed significantly earlier means that I need to eat dinner earlier too, but that’s not going to happen tonight. My options on the plane, apart from the complimentary pretzels, cookies and peanuts, are potato chips or trail mix. (Really, Delta?)

It’s not just Delta though. Sadly, apart from first-class flights from L.A. to New York, I’ve never had very good options, and that’s aggravating. They serve up drinks that I’m not interested in so I ask for water, which is fine. They’re not flying us around for free so I just wonder why the airlines can’t do better than overpriced Pringles and trail mix.

I’d be willing to pay ten bucks for a sandwich, snap peas and hummus or something similar on a 3-hour evening flight, but that’s not an option today. Instead I’ll just sit back, relax and be happy that I’ll be able to make better choices tomorrow.

What do you think about airplane food? Do you have any ideas regarding how they could offer better choices in flight?

Question: Would You Be Thankful? Embarrassed? Offended?

I wrote this while traveling to New York yesterday, but I got distracted before posting it.  I’m still curious about the answer to the question so please take a minute to hear me out.


I’m currently on a flight to New York City, and when I arrived at the gate I learned that I would not be sitting in first class today. We’ve been through this. My anxiety level drops to zero when I know I’ll be seated in a 21 in. seat, but it rose quickly today as I realized that I was about to board a tiny airplane.

Prior to boarding I had a conversation with a woman named Alice. She’s around my height, but she’s on the smaller side of average in weight. Our conversation, which started with last-minute flight prices eventually led to the size of seats, how the industry could make flying more comfortable for passengers while continuing to make money.

I shared all of my typical thoughts and ideas, but it didn’t solve today’s dilemma.
The seats on this plane are less than 16.9 inches. I prepare for every flight by making sure that I know the size of the seat before I choose a ticket. I check and double-check, but Delta representatives don’t always provide accurate information. I’m not complaining. I get it. Most people don’t call in with these questions, but I’d be willing to guess that I’m not the only one who inquires.

Anyway, I when I realized that I wasn’t sitting in a 21 in. seat, I got a little nervous. I didn’t panic the way I used to because it’s usually fine, but I was concerned.

Once I boarded I realized that I’d be fine. The lady sitting next to me was friendly and not at all bothered by me. I told her that the flight attendant would try to move one of us once everyone had boarded, but she insisted that she was fine. I told the flight attendant that if she was fine, I was fine, and a woman on the other side of the aisle offered her space so we switched.

I explained that I didn’t want to encroach on anyone’s space, nor did I think that my comfort was more important, etc. They thought I was silly for worrying about bothering them, and we departed without issue.

Alice, who was sitting in first class, came back and chatted for a few minutes, and she asked how I would feel if she offered me her seat. She said wanted to know if people, in general, would consider it offensive, and I explained that I couldn’t speak for everyone. I think I’d be grateful for the offer, and I’d survey the circumstances before deciding whether or not to accept the offer.

There was a time when I was drowning in insecurity and pride, and I might not have responded well to the offer. That said, it seems like most people would be happy to be offered a seat with more space.

I didn’t take her seat. I’m fine in economy class, at least today, but it poses a question that I find interesting. If you’re reading this, please take a moment to answer.

If you were uncomfortable on a flight (due to your size) how would you feel if someone of average size offered you their roomier seat? Would you be thankful? Embarrassed? Offended?

Fitbloggin, Friends, NOLA Church and Stuff

I can’t believe that it’s already finals week for the summer session.  The last few weeks have been busy and awesome, and while I haven’t made much time to check in here, I decided to do that this evening.  (I should be studying for a final exam that I’m taking tomorrow at noon, but blogging is more fun than studying – regardless of the topic.)

My weekend was jam packed.  Brandi, who many of you probably know from DietsinReview.com, spent a couple of days at my place with her family.  They weren’t here long, but we managed to explore the French Quarter, eat a po boy sandwich and beignets, take a nap during a thunderstorm and take a selfie or two (while I was a sweaty mess!)

Brandi and Kenlie

I did homework spent Sunday morning at church and had lunch with some special people too.  I am part of the worship team at NOLA Church, and God’s presence filled the place.  It was pretty amazing.

Kenlie NOLA Church

During Monte’s sermon, he said that God’s rewards always come with responsibility, and that hit me like a ton of bricks.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) it’s not easy for me to invite people to church or to share with them that Jesus wants to be in their lives.  I hate ‘pushing’ these important, well-meaning statements on people because I *hated* being invited to church.  If you wanted to piss me off, all you had to do was tell me to go to church.  (Seriously?  I know…)

I still don’t always feel comfortable pushing my beliefs on anyone, but sometimes I want to share my faith.  If you don’t want to hear it, stop reading now, and come back on a different day.


Here are some things that have been on my mind lately:

  • Life without God is a downward spiral.  I’m in a small group, in which Monte is unpacking the book of Romans, and  it’s been awesome so far.  If you want to understand God’s character, read Romans. I can’t tell you how much better life is with God than it is without Him.
  • Religion can’t save you.  Following a set of rules, then showing off how well you did on Sunday is not part of God’s plan for me.
  • God’s rewards always come with responsibility.  When you’re involved in planting a church, there’s a long list of things that you have an opportunity to do.  We’re currently worshipping in a construction zone, which means that we have to do set-up and tear downs each week.  Some of us host small groups or Bible studies, etc.  I do social media and lead worship with an amazing team, and it all takes time.  With great reward (a permanent location, brains, etc.) comes great responsibility.  Check out Luke 12 if you want to see that confirmed.

Now it’s time to get back to the grind.  I had decided that I wasn’t going to attend Fitbloggin this year since I’m heading to New York the following week.  I’ve been feeling disconnected from the blog world this year, but after spending the weekend with Brandi, I was reminded of how much I love Fitbloggin.  I’m about 99% sure that I’ll be heading that way later this week, which means that I have a lot to accomplish before that.

When I started writing this post, it was still light outside.  Now it’s dark, which is a reminder than I need to study.  I also need to complete a research paper before Wednesday.  Yikes.

What are you doing that’s exciting this week?

Back To New York

It’s been quite a long time since I made a trip back to New York.  I went several times in 2012, but when I moved into my apartment later that year, I started loving my life here.  I didn’t spend much time thinking about New York, and that was an unexpected relief.

I’ve grown and healed so much since I left that place, and I am (thankfully) no longer convinced that it’s the only place in which I can be happy.  I’m happy in New Orleans.  I love the life that I’m living here, and it makes me wonder how I’ll feel when I’m back in New York.

Will I remember the intense love that I once had for the city?  Will I wish that I was staying longer, or that I didn’t have to get on a plane to return home?  Will I be as anxious to get back to New Orleans as I am when I travel to other places?

When I left New York and moved across the country, I had no idea that I would go through the things that have led me to this point in my life.  I thought I would desperately miss New York, and for a long time I did.  Now it’s a place that carries a lot of incredible memories for me, and lately I’ve wondered whether or not it will be more than that again.

People used to ask me why I loved New York, and I always explained that I just breathe differently there.  I explained that my heart was at rest there in a way, in which it hadn’t been in other places, and I wonder if I’ll feel that way again.

I think I’ve subconsciously avoided New York over the last year or more because, on some level, I’m worried that I’ll miss it when I leave, but it’s important to know where you want to be.  Right now, I’m content in New Orleans, and I’m content in worrying about the future later.  We’ll see if heading back to my favorite place changes that….

Is there a place in the world that always makes you feel at home whether you live there or not?  If so, where’s that place for you?


Things Change

Clint is moving to Chicago in a few weeks, and when he called to tell me about the job offer, he asked if I thought he should go.  My opinion matters a lot to that guy, and I don’t like it lightly.  I asked him if he wanted to go, and he answered the way I thought he would.  He said, ‘yes.’

As hard as it is to think of living in downtown New Orleans without him, it’s easy to be happy for him as he moves into his next phase of life.  He graduated from Tulane recently, and he got a promotion that allows him to move into a bigger market (which will be a solid career move for him.)

I tend to get mushy when I talk about “The Suit” because I could never say thank you enough for the friendship that he’s given me.  So many of the incredibly positive changes that have occurred in my life since 2012, happened as a result of his willingness to say “Hey…who you are is okay.  You’re great the way you are, and if people disagree, they’re not worth your time.”

One of the defining moments of my life happened in an empty hallway at Tulane on day before our first final exam together in 2012.  I had just been on ABC News Nightline, and I was taking heat from online bullies who hate fat people.  One particular message that I received, in which the person threatened to find me, rape me and kill me hit me hard….really hard.

I was in tears, not realizing that anyone else was around, and Clint showed up right in front of me.  He read the repugnant words on the screen of my cell phone, and he gently put his hands on my cheeks.  He said, “Kenlie, look at me.  You’re safe.  This a-hole isn’t here; these words aren’t reality.  This is your reality, and he grinned.”

It was in that moment that I realized that my reality was safe and happy.  In reality, I was walking into class, surrounded by people who respected me, and I was finally creating the life that I wanted to have for myself.  I’m not sure what I had been so afraid of before, but that day, the fear began to subside.

Clint was instrumental in what would become a series of radical life changes for me that included accepting myself, finding a church home, remembering who I am in Christ and discovering that my circumstances could and would change.

I never knew what it was like to have a friend like him, and now I never want to know what it’s like without him. It looks like it’s time to add Chicago to my favorite destinations…There could be worse places to visit.

Kenlie and Clint at George Strait and Reba




Ten Things That You Probably Don’t Know About Me

1. I want to see Mount Everest in person someday.  I have vacationed in the Colorado Rockies and the Swiss Alps, and I’d love to see the Himalayas. When I saw Pike’s Peak again on my last trip, I was blown away by the realization that Mount Everest in more than twice as tall.  I cannot imagine it, but I’d like to see it.

2. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I am currently obsessed with The West Wing.  I look forward to getting home most nights and watching and episode or three. 😉  I plan to watch Nashville from the beginning soon too.

3. One time, when I was in Paris, I got to catch a few minutes of the Tour de France.  I had no idea how cool it was at the time, but looking back that was pretty amazing.

4. I’ve never been on a cruise, and I’d really like to go on one soon.

5. I’m extremely sensitive to noise. I just don’t like it. I don’t mind traffic jams, but incessant noise bothers me the way most people are bothered by traffic.

6. I’m really passionate about helping people apply and enroll for college. I’ve helped 19 people with the process since last fall, and I get a major thrill out of watching them succeed. (I also like having my friends in class with me, and sometimes that happens.)

7. Sometimes I have dreams about searching DC or NY for my favorite cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop. It’s called “The Good Guy,” and it’s amazing.  I’m looking forward to having one in a few weeks.

8. I have Invisaligns, but I stopped wearing them for ages. Now when I put them in, they hurt like hell. I know I need to if I want to achieve an amazing smile, but I’m unmotivated at my current weight. Silly reason…I know.

9. I have friends from the internet that I’ve never met in person, yet they matter to me as much as the friends I see everyday.

10. I’ve taken so many health (science) classes for fun, that it now looks like I’ll have a degree in that area in addition to Marketing/Public Relations.


Obesity and Airplanes

It’s always amazing to me when perspective alters reality. If you read my blog regularly, then you may know that I’ve experienced a lot of peace lately. Living in freedom from the burdens that weighed me down for so long makes the little things in my life much more enjoyable.

I flew home from Colorado last week, and I thought that I’d be nervous flying in coach. I had to do it because there were no non-stop, first-class flights, and paying $1200 for a flight with a connection (one of which lacked a first-class section anyway) wasn’t an option for me.

On both flights, which were on Frontier Airlines, I sat next to lovely people who seemed happy to be my seat mates. I even enjoyed a conversation with a woman from Oregon on my return flight.

I’m still obese, and I still need to change that. The day that I don’t give flying in an economy class seat a second thought will be an incredible day, but I’ve learned some things on my recent flights.

1. Most people are good.
2. Most people are busy focusing on their own lives.
3. Not everyone is judging me.

Sure, there will always be jerks who find a reason to be rude, but those people are not in the majority like I once assumed they were.

I don’t need to be afraid of flying on airplanes anymore. It’s just another lesson I’ve learned as I let go of my old mentality, which in I was constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Sometimes bad things happen to me on airplanes, but most of the time they don’t.

I’m going to start living with that realization instead of living in fear of what almost never happens.

Do you get nervous when you fly? If so, what makes you nervous most?


Missing My Family

My parents are divorced, and being the product of a broken family caused me a lot of heartache as a teenager and into my twenties. I eventually dealt with that, and I’m close my Mom and Dad now. The hardest part now is that they live nearly a thousand miles apart, and as I left Dad to return home earlier this week, I wished that I could live closer to him.

Moving to New Orleans meant that I could be close enough to visit Mom regularly for the first time as an adult, and I take advantage of that. I visit her almost weekly, and I love being close enough that she can visit me too.  I felt like seeing her yesterday so I drove to her house and stayed for a few hours before returning home.

My sister lives over a thousand miles away (in another direction) with her beautiful family too, and we all have our own lives. I love the life that I have created for myself in New Orleans, but often times, I wish that I could be close to all of them.

Do you live close enough to your family to see them often? Do you wish that you could live closer?


Flying Back Home

I avoid the topic of air travel on my blog most of the time because it has been such a controversial topic in the past.  It’s on my mind today because I’ve been on various airplanes and in various airports, and it was so nice to travel without anxiety.

I started my new year with friends, then I quickly left to help a friend move to Oklahoma and to visit Dad there. I got to spend some time with Aunt Janice, and I met a guy that I enjoyed spending time with too.

When I left New Orleans, I drove up with a friend who is a neurologist. She took a new job in Oklahoma and wanted to have a friend along to support her during the move, which worked great for both of us since I lived in Oklahoma City for years.  I love the drive between New Orleans and Oklahoma City, but I flew home because my friend wasn’t returning with me. I already miss her, but we’re planning to take a trip somewhere in the spring or summer.

My flight home was booked on Delta, and I’ve been happy with them since I started flying first class. After opting out of a coach flight in July, the last several flights that I’ve taken with them have been stress-free and painless, and I’ve learned that paying the upgrade fee to first class is worth the cost (at least for me.)

I like the endless mixed drinks, but more than that, I like knowing that I don’t have to worry about whether or not the person next to me will feel crowded or not. It’s not always fun or possible to spend the extra cash to upgrade, but sometimes it doesn’t cost much more than economy.  It is definitely worth the added cost to feel zero anxiety before flying, and it costs significantly less than buying two seats most of the time too.

I gave myself the opportunity to find happiness, contentment and joy last year, and I did. Losing weight wasn’t my priority, and I have gained about 35 pounds as a result. It’s tough to feel insecure about my size when flying in coach, but that’s something that will change when my body does.

Delta doesn’t require larger passengers to purchase an additional seat in coach; they accommodate all passengers, but it’s better for me this way (at least for now.) I still fly JetBlue when I head back to the east coast, but Delta goes everywhere I go so they’re #1 in my book these days (even with connections and delays.)

Do you have a favorite airline? If so, which one Is it?

Friend Makin’ Mondays and An Apology

Friend Makin’ Mondays didn’t happen last week so I used that as an excuse to take a little blogging break.  Now I’m back, and I hope you’ll join me for FMM this week!  I don’t plan to miss it again for a long time.   If you were counting on it, I’m sorry.  Please forgive me and join me for some fun now.

friend makin mondays

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: www.alltheweigh.com so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!



1.  What are you plans for Thanksgiving this year?  I’m going to Colorado later this week to meet my newest niece and to celebrate Thanksgiving early with my family.  My friends and I are also having a Thanksgiving pot luck party during our weekly game night this week.  On Thanksgiving Day, I’ll be with Mom at her house, and some friends from church are joining us for the day.  We’ll eat lunch with relatives  and decorate the Christmas tree (because Mom and I don’t waste any time celebrating Christmas.)

2.  At what point do you being celebrating the Christmas season?  I’m already watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel, but all of my decorations will be up the weekend after Thanksgiving (at the latest.)  I’ll decorate my tree on December 1st because I want it to last until Christmas.  It’s going to smell so good in my apartment!  I can’t wait!

3.  Do you celebrate Christmas, or do you celebrate another holiday? I think we all know that the answer is yes!

4.  If you could have one present (you know, a material good, not love or world peace) what would you want?  Hmmm,  I’ve wanted a certain Louis Vuitton bag, The Neverfull GM, for years so I’d totally choose that.


5.  Share an idea or two that you can plan to do for someone who may need to feel loved throughout the holiday season.  I like to make others feel loved and important all year, but I’ll do even more throughout the holiday season.  I’ll spend time with those who might be lonely or struggling with the holidays, and I’ll give cupcakes and cookies to as many people as possible.

6.  Would you rather spend the holiday season on the beach or in the snow?  I like cold weather, and New Orleans has been amazing lately.  It’s cool enough to wear sweaters and blazers and such, but it’s not so cold that the air bites you when you’re outside.

Lane Bryant Sweater and Blazer

7. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?  I love pecan pie even though I’m still pissed that one tiny slice contains 390 calories.  Dessert counts as food, right?  I also like ham more than turkey.

8.  Will you participate in Black Friday shopping?  Yep.  Mom and I love to wake up early to head out, but it’s not nearly as crazy in her town as it is in other bigger cities.

9.  Will you travel for the holidays or stay at home?  If you’re traveling, are you flying or driving or making alternate plans?  I’m traveling for the holidays.  I’m flying to Denver and driving to Mom’s house.

10.  List at least 5 things for which you are currently thankful.

  1.  My apartment, my cool neighbors, the view from my apartment and the fact that the construction is over.
  2. God’s love for me.  Seriously, I’m thankful for the work that He’s done in my life over the last several months.  I’m thankful for the peace that comes in feeling His presence and  knowing that He is GOD.  I’m also thankful for NOLA Church and for my pastor who’s my friend and teacher.
  3. My family and friends…the people who love me no matter what, who see all of my flaws and choose to be in my corner anyway.
  4. My brain and my opportunity to go to such an awesome university.
  5. My talents.  They allow me to reach out to people, and sometimes they even allow me to help others…


Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions!  Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments, and take a moment to share it on Facebook and twitter too!  Why not spread the friend makin’ love?! 🙂  Happy Monday, friends!